Capital None: Rant #2

Credit cards.  We all have them, we all hate them.  The average U.S. household owes about $15,000.00 in credit card debt.  On a national level that is about $712 billion dollars owed by Americans.  That is simply an absurd amount of cash.

It all started back in college.  Need a frisbee or some other crap, sign up for a credit card from a table set up at the gates of your college.  Since then I have had many credit cards, opened some and closed most.  I played the balance transfer game and the find the best APR% rate. At the age of 41, I have narrowed it down to three cards. A bank card and two credit cards.  Let us discuss Capital One, or I should say Crapital One.  Eleven years ago, I applied for a credit card through my job that was sponsored by my Union.  Now when I got this card, it was not with Crapital One.  I forget who originally had it, but a few years ago, Crappy One bought out the bank holding the card and so began my relationship with these douches.

My wife, who I will admit is alot smarter than I am had a bad experience with Crappy One.  She told me to sever all ties immediately.  She had a bad experience with this company and knew it will end badly.

capital one

Which brings me to present day.  Well, actually last month.  December 2015, really.  I had some extra cash and being the responsible citizen that I am, I paid my monthly bills on time, and since I had some extra cash I paid an extra payment to the aforementioned credit card.  Christmas was kind so at the end of the month I through an extra fifty dollars to the company.  In total, I paid almost $400.00 for a minimum balance due of about $200.00  What could possibly go wrong?

January 4, 2016.  I receive a phone call from Crappy One telling me they never received payment and my account was now past due. Impossible I tell them, I sent them $400.00.  I happen to be in front of my computer and quickly go to my online banking.  My eyes don’t lie, $400.00 paid to Crappy One.  They insist they never got it.  I tell them I have to call the bank and find out what the problem is and I will call them back.  I call my bank and they tell me the money was taken out of my checking account by Crappy One and what dates it was taken.  They tell to print up proof of payment and to fax it to them.  Ok no problem.  I print them up, call Crappy One back and tell them I will fax them the proof of payment the next morning.  So far, so good, right?

January 8, 2016.  In the mail, I get my bill.  Due date: January 27, 2016.  Minimum amount due $569.32.  What the holy fuck?  Late fees and penalties and account closed because of the non-payment.  I call Crappy One on the phone, listen to the computer drone tell me that my minimum payment is $0.00 and my last payment of $400.00 was received on such and such a date. Ok, ok so obviously this was crossed in the mail.  I get to a human to confirm and she in fact tells me that yes, payment was received and there is $0.00 due on January 27th. She gives me my new account balance and all penalties were removed and the account is active and not closed.  Fine, breathe Frank, breathe.

Just to cover my ass, I decide to make a payment like I normally would but since I have nothing due, I only send them $100.00 before the January 27th due date.  I double check with the bank and they confirm payment went through with no issues.

February 8, 2016. The night was moist.  The phone rings, piercing the silence of my quiet home.  I say Hello and a woman asks if Frank Messina is one.  I say Yes, this is he.  Hello this Crappy One, your account is currently past due. My reaction in 3. 2. 1.


So now I have to repeat the whole situation which is a screw-up on their end.  We go through the history.  I am cursing every other word now. Yes Mr. Messina, we received your $400.00 payment, and your recent $100.00 payment, but you owed $104.00.  Wait, what?  You are calling me for $4.00 fucking dollars! At dinner time. $4.00.  After arguing it is explained to me that in November they updated their software system and upgraded their programs.  So apparently the computer program couldn’t figure out my multiple payments.  Really!  This is what I was told.  it is 2016.  Once again all penalties have to be removed, she waived the interest due for this month, told me my new balance due with the additional $4.00 and thanked me for my patience. I told her to close my account and to mail me confirmation the account is closed.  I am doing a balance transfer so these pricks will not get another red cent from me.  If you have any card owned by Capital One, close it now.

February 9, 2016.  My phone rings.  Guess who?  Capital One.  I didn’t even speak, I just hung up.

February 10, 2016. A letter in my mail from an online banking account.  “We are pleased to announce our merger with Capital One.”


What’s in my wallet?  Not Capital One.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.” –Will Rogers.


About Frank Messina

Just an average guy, stuck in a crappy job. A Dad, a Father, a Mailman. I like cars, food and laughing like a fat guy.
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