Just Messin’ Around

So it dawned on me that I haven’t really explained what this blog will be about.  Before I go into that, I should probably let you all know about me.  My name is Frank Messina, I am married and have two beautiful children.  I have worked for the United States Postal Service for almost 15 years.  I have always loved writing and have been an amateur unpublished writer pretty much since childhood.  Way to go after that dream, Frank.  I read constantly and have boxes of books in my basement yet to be read.  I am a big fan of the dystopian genre and specifically the zombie apocalypse.    Trust me, it’s just a matter of time, it will happen.

Other things I enjoy are cooking, cars, video games,movies and naps.  Hey, I’m 41 years old, don’t judge.

The Blog:

Mess In A Round is an obvious play on words.  My last name and well I am round, a little chubby.  Mom called it Husky, they even have a section for it in Sears from what I heard.  I digress.  You are in for some really interesting stuff.  I will be writing about many subjects.  True stories of my life as a mailman, trust me it is not as boring as you would think.  I will be sharing some original content; short stories, an occasional poem, life through the eyes of a father of two adorable kids.  Yeah I am biased.  

I probably will not be going into major political or religious rants.  Probably.  I might tackle some real life news stories.  Maybe an occasional Top 10 list or movie or book review.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I love writing this.  Please like, share, follow and comment.

A special shout out to my first ever follower. Rachel Falco.  Rachel has her own blog which you can read at http://howtoprovide.com/  It is about how to provide for your family.  Very interesting and helpful advice.  Thank you Rachel.

That is all for now, don’t forget to hit the follow button, like and share it too.  Thanks.

I will usually end each blog with a quote from a movie, book or song.  Sometimes it will be from me. The following was said to me by a man I look up to.

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.” — Frank Dell’Alba

He also told me I didn’t know how to use a rake.


About Frank Messina

Just an average guy, stuck in a crappy job. A Dad, a Father, a Mailman. I like cars, food and laughing like a fat guy.
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6 Responses to Just Messin’ Around

  1. Joe Piras says:

    Keep on typing!


  2. Mr. D says:

    Frank, That was great! I enjoyed reading it. I knew you loved and respected me and we have had a great relationship over the many years that we know each other. I still remember the first time I met you outside Brooklyn College on the street with Caryn. I knew I like you right away and I was aware about how you were helping Caryn with some school work (MATH). You have been very helpful to me and Carmela and to the Pocono house ( even though you don’t know how to rake). You are a wonderful friend, husband and father and I do look up to you! I am proud of your accomplishments, so you be Proud! Respectfully, Big Frank PS. I really think you should be Big Frank


    • anotherfinemessina says:

      Hahahaha! Thank you for the kind words. You and Carmela always treated me like one of your own. You have taught me so many life lessons. Hope to see you soon, and even though I am bigger, you will always be Big Frank.


  3. Erica J. Rodriguez says:

    I’m lookin forward to some good reading.


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