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Top Ten Favorite Foods

Welcome to my first Top Ten List.  Now the thing about these lists, they can and will be updated as my tastes change.  They might not make it to ten, they might exceed ten. Either way, I am sure you … Continue reading

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It Puts the Mail in the Box or Else it Gets the Hose Again

This story is one for the ages.  If it didn’t happen to me I would not have believed it.  You would think being a mailman is a pretty repetitive, monotonous and boring job.  You would be right, for the most … Continue reading

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Just Messin’ Around

So it dawned on me that I haven’t really explained what this blog will be about.  Before I go into that, I should probably let you all know about me.  My name is Frank Messina, I am married and have … Continue reading

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Neither snow nor rain…

Awww shut the hell up. As most of you know I work for the esteemed United States Postal Service.  Insert your “Don’t Go Postal!” joke here.  I have been with the USPS for almost 15 years.  Of course, as you … Continue reading

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The Zombie Apocalypse, Part 1: Know Your Enemy

From my personal experiences, I have discovered that many people sadly are not prepared for the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. What also disturbs me is that most people aren’t even aware of the differences between zombies and the “undead.” In the … Continue reading

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